Monday, August 26, 2013

Cena de Aniversario - CAMACOL - Anniversary Dinner

Our Honorees For 2013

Entrepreneur of the Year / Empresaria del Año
Dr. Martha Lima – Continuous Home Care Services
Distributor Company of the Year / Compañia Distribuidora del Año
Gold Coast Beverages Distributors
 Producer of the Year / Productor del Año
Mr. Jose Luis Martinez - Independent Producer
 Executive of the Year / Ejecutiva del Año
Ms. Carolina Rendeiro - Right Space Management, Inc.
Professional of the Year – Profesional del Año
Mr. Jose Gregorio Tovar Del Corral - Arias Tovar & Associates, P.A.
 Industry of the Year / Industria del Año
Pepperidge Farm
 Cost per person: $100.00     Tables for 10 guests: $1,000.00 
We will have open bar, live music and dancing.
Attached please find the invitation with all the details.
Attire:  Business Suit / Cocktail Dress.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exportaciones polacas a USA crecieron el 33% en el primer semestre del2013

Poland’s exports to U.S. increased 33.06 percent through the first six months of 2013 Bookmark and Share

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Poland’s exports to U.S. increased 33.06 percent through the first six months of 2013
Poland’s trade with the United States rose to $4,403,446,015 through the first six months of 2013, according to a World City analysis of latest U.S. Census Bureau data.   That’s 13.89 percent above its total trade during the same time period last year. Poland’s exports increased 33.06 percent ($2,319,468,376) while imports rose 0.83 percent ($2,083,977,639).   The U.S. deficit with Poland was $235,490,737.   
Taking a closer look at the leading U.S. regions for U.S. trade with Poland:
South Region represented about 37.55% of total export to U.S.($870,890,741), while Northeast Region 32.27% ($748,394,708).  Above mentioned two regions, are responsible for about 69.82% of total export from Poland to U.S.
Through June, Poland’s top U.S. Customs districts for total imports and exports were No. 1 New York City, No. 2 Chicago and No. 3 Seattle.
The top five U.S. exports to Poland by value through June were aircraft; soybean oilcake, other solid residue, not ground; aircraft parts; landline, cellular phone equipment; and coal, briquettes, respectively.
The value of the top five U.S. imports from Poland -- aircraft engines, parts; Landline, cellular phone equipment; furniture, parts; Gasoline, other fuels; and motor vehicle parts -- accounted for $808,711,307 that’s 38.8 percent of all inbound shipments.
In the latest 2012 annual figures available, total U.S. exports to Poland were $3,361,408,968 and imports from Poland were $4,626,301,350. The U.S. deficit with Poland was $-1,264,892,382.