Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Visita CAMACOL una Delegación Latinoamericana de Expertos Financieros

Latin American  Business Finance Experts in CAMACOL

Last month a delegation of experts in finance from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico, as well as two journalists in this area visited CAMACOL. This group is visiting the United States at the invitation of the State Department.

The group was interested in  our activities and we informed them about the work of Camacol and its programs, such as the Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce, the Miami Media Film Market and other embodiments of CAMACOL.

Gladly we attended such prestigious visitors and exchanged ideas and experiences, wishing them every success with their performance in their respective countries and we hope to meet again soon!

The Group exchanged questions and answers with our staff. They were:

From Argentina:
Sr. Matias Carugati, Chief Economist, Management & Fit Consulting
Sr. Esteban Rafele, periodista de finanzas, El Cronista, Buenos Aires.

From Bolivia:
Sr. Andres Marcelo Gutiérrez Villca
Economic Policy Advisor, Central Bank of Bolivia

From Colombia:
Sra. Ana Erika Cuellar Cortés
Rural Development Officer, Colombian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Srta. Nidia Marcela Granados Galvis
Senior Marketing Analyst, PROEXPORT
Srta. Claudia Milena Porras Lozano
Director, Money Laundering Prevention and Control, Financial Superintendency of Colombia

From Mexico:
Sr. Nicolas Camorlinga Cadena
Compliance Officer and Founder, Exchange House Camorlinga
Sr. Eduardo López Valenzuela
Periodista, El Imparcial Newspaper, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

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