Thursday, June 25, 2009


Of the
Permanent Secretariat of the 30th Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry

In the City of Miami Beach, County of Miami Dade, State of Florida, United States of America, on the 30th day of May 2009, at meeting of the members of the Permanent Secretariat of the Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry, comprised by the international directors; representatives of the entrepreneurial organizations of the democratic countries of the Americas hereby declare:

1. To foster, support and express solidarity with the message set forth by Jose Maria Aznar, former President of the Government of Spain who stated:
“If anything is justifiably necessary in Latin America is to launch an extraordinary agenda of freedom: No to authoritarianism, no to communism, no more intervention by the state. On the contrary, what is truly needed are more institutions. Solid institutions where the Rule of Law is respected by all with an independent system of justice that work, and that will guarantee the individual rights of all citizens with respect to private property and investmentment, both nationally and internationally…
“There is a grave problem and it is the temptation to experiment with populist projects and concepts. Here, in this region, much is spoken about 21st Century Socialism. Let it be known that 21st century Socialism is the same as 20th Century Socialism, the only difference is that it is more wearisome since we already know that the results will be dreadful and will bring about the collapse of those countries which adopt it.”
2. As International Directors of the Permanent Secretariat we embrace President Aznar’s message and make it our own. We join him and the speakers and panelists who contributed to our discussions and plenary sessions with their expertise and concerns over the current economic , financial, and social crisis which afflicts us, and which exacerbates the economic and political climate of our countries, by battering our infrastructure and secular sectors. The Ibero-American and Caribbean Chambers of Commerce, view with alarm the current developments and appeal for alternatives which will foster and strengthen production in the region; attract much needed investment, which will generate jobs and arrest poverty; bring forth judicial security and due process, and immediately eradicate the fostering of social conflict and division. We do not recommend more mechanisms of control. We recommend better mechanisms.

3. We recommend to our governments to strengthen democracy and respect of the Rule of Law. This will enable these institutions the authority to the defend society. It is important to strengthen the Rule of Law by the people , and respect the independence of the judiciary in benefit of the people.

4. The entrepreneurs of the Hemisphere reiterate the need to implement effective policies of Social Responsibility which benefit the workforce and utilize our representative institutions to promote the well-being of families, ensuring issues such as adequate and affordable housing and education which will provide a high-skilled and qualified workforce.

5. The Permanent Secretariat of the 30th Hemispheric Congress, after having conducted extensive studies has concluded that it has an institutional obligation to alert the public, governments, and the international community on current activities which have happened in countries where the lack of the Rule of Law has been most evident. To this effect, these countries allow public political maneuverings to have more strength than respect for the Rule of Law. As such, it is worrisome that these regions run the risk of being overrun by delinquency, increased narco-trafficking, and terrorism, due to the absence of authority by these governments.

Accordingly, these damaging policies place law abiding citizens in peril. These citizens have the fundamental right to live in peace and to work. They are being jeopardized by these conflicts; their civil liberties are threatened, as is their right to private property and free enterprise. Therefore, the return of the Rule of Law, to institutions is instrumental so that these can effectively combat the impunity of those elements who take advantage of the vacuum created by this instability and chaos. Additionally, these institutions provide results in benefit of the citizenry. We therefore seek from of the governments of this region , especially from the United States of America, furthered coordinated efforts in the battle against narco-trafficking and guerrilla war-fare, in order to achieve effective and improved results in this conflict.

6. As a result and due to the severity and urgency of this aforesaid issue, is that the Permanent Secretariat of the 30th Hemispheric Congress has authorized its leadership with the task of presenting these issues before official national and international entities and organizations, and urge them to take action.

Directors of the Permanent Secretariat of the Hemispheric Congress

On the 30th day of Miami, 2009 in the City of Miami Beach, County of Miami Dade, United States of America.

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