Monday, November 16, 2015

Comcast launches a $15 video streaming service ...

...that actually makes sense for cord cutters !

The company we all love to hate announced the launch of its new “Stream” service in an effort to win back cord cutters. Unlike the completely misguided attempt by Time Warner to win customers back by showing fewer commercials and pulling its programming from Netflix, Comcast’s idea actually makes sense for cord cutters.
The Stream plan is a $15 per month service (including taxes and fees) and it includes local networks, HBO and on-demand movies and television shows.
Two catches.
The first is you have to live in the Boston area — which includes all of eastern Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire — but the company plans to launch in Chicago and Seattle shortly after and nationwide by early 2016.
Secondly, you must be an Xfinity (Comcast Internet) customer.
On the plus side, it’s at least a working model that will force other ISPs to take notice. If it’s successful, you can bet that your ISP will begin offering a similar take on Comcast’s Stream.
This doesn’t solve every problem with cable, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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